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Performance review on the horizon?


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"Surviving Performance Reviews: A transitional guide for those who are #BecomingAgile."


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Adam is hard at work on his next book which will present the management theory needed for businesses to thrive in a post-digital economy.

Expanding on many of the ideas outlined in the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe, the focus of Adam's book will explore the human element of the system: the people doing deep technical work.

At this time Adam is interviewing people who have worked under traditional management structures, and are now exploring new ways of working. If you are interested in contributing, please let him know. 

Surviving Performance Reviews


Congratulations! Your organization has taken the first steps to #BecomingAgile. Though you, your team, and your Agile Release Train have likely made significant progress in embracing Agile ways of working; probably, HR has not yet caught up. With your commitment to relentless improvement and adaptability, the annual performance review is sure to feel like a relic from a bygone era.


NEWS FLASH: it is.


Through my years serving organizations as a management consultant, I have had the opportunity to help many people with an Agile heart work through the annual performance review while navigating their transformation journey. "Surviving Performance Reviews: A transitional guide for those who are #BecomingAgile" packages years of hard lessons learned with thinking tools to help you make the most from the annual review cycle.

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